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Current Classes and Programs

Our classes are focused around Sun Salutations, a series of 12 poses that strengthens and tones the whole body, fun yoga songs  for children in a beautiful, relaxed and playful atmosphere. Currently our we are offering private classes to schools and groups. Please email or call Rochelle for more info: (707) 938-0160

Private lessons
Are available for children, young adults, seniors - individuals, groups, gatherings or parties.  Workshops are also available.  Contact us for a FREE consultation ON HOW YOGA CAN HELP YOU!

Home Practice
Starting a personal Yoga program at home can be simple and powerful. Today there are more and more studies that show Yoga does have a positive impact on a person's physical, emotional and spiritual good health. WE WILL WORK WITH YOU and develop a program that you can do on your own. Call or email to schedule a free consultation and first family lesson at your home.

After School Yoga Program ~ start one in your neighborhood

Summer Camp 
Summer Camp was lots of fun - we enjoyed it as much as the kids did. We have posted some of the pictures taken during Summer Camp sessions - please check them out and see what fun we had. We will look forward to next year's Yoga Summer Camp.

Sharing Yoga with children is fun and healthy.
Give your family the gift of good physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual good health.

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Rochelle Hanlon, RCYT

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